Posted on by Uliana Caskey

The suggestion to buy Canadian-made furniture comes from more than a desire to encourage patriotism. There are practical reasons why it makes so much sense, too.

As all of us realize, the Canadian climate is distinctive. Each and every year, those of us who live north of the 49th Parallel experience freezing cold temperatures and sweltering heat. Our wood furniture does, too. In addition, the weather in Alberta is exceptionally dry.

Wood that isn’t grown in similar conditions really isn’t equipped to withstand such extreme shifts in its environment. That’s why you’ll notice that tropical woods split and crack when they spend time here. A lack of moisture for woods that were grown in a humid environment can also produce warping — which in turn prevents drawers from sliding and cabinet doors from closing properly.

Canadian furniture manufacturers typically build with hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry and walnut, and softwoods such as pine, birch and fir.

To be sure that your furniture is up to the challenge of living in Canadian home, always perform these simple tests before you buy:

  • Open and close all cabinet doors
  • Slide all the drawers in and out
  • Tap the bottom of drawers to detect how strong they are
  • Check corner joints for close fits