Posted on by Uliana Caskey

Reclaimed wood is in high demand, and for good reason. It looks great in the right room, it usually has less environmental impact and every piece is unique.

But you must be careful when choosing furniture made with reclaimed wood.

First of all, not all reclaimed wood furniture is truly “reclaimed.” Sometimes, a manufacturer will “fake” a piece by treating the raw wood with chemicals. While this may look good, it may also be emitting harmful chemicals into your home’s atmosphere.

You must also be wary of true reclaimed furniture. Some is not treated or finished, so it stains easily. If your child spills his grape juice on an untreated piece (or if you spill your grown-up grape juice on it) the stain will be permanent. Be sure to ask about the piece’s type of finish.

At UpperWoods, we carry only Canadian-made, solid-wood furniture treated with the best finishes. Stop in and ask us about it.