Posted on by Uliana Caskey

Only a few of us can make purchases of any description without paying attention to our budget. But that doesn’t mean we have to do without fine quality items we admire and appreciate.

One way to bring fine furniture into your home without stretching the budget is to keep an eye open for your favourite furniture store’s sale of its sample pieces.

Floor samples from a reputable furniture retailer typically see only gentle use. Even if they do encounter scuffs or nicks, the marks may not be problematic for you, as they likely represent the kind of character changes that occur during daily use of furniture. Sometimes a minor touch-up or repair can neutralize the damage. Best of all, the elite level of construction and design that is a hallmark of fine furniture will always exist in the sample piece.

Stores sell their floor samples when they need to clear out inventory in order to begin highlighting new furniture lines. January is the most popular time for many sample sell-offs. While your choices will be limited, and you’ll have to act decisively if you see something you like, attending a sample sale can provide a great opportunity to start or add to your collection of fine furniture.