Posted on by Uliana Caskey

Dining table -- the centerpiece of every dining room space. Picking the right dining room table is a challenge in finding balance in form and function. Although it may seem like another surface where food is gathered, interesting choices in dining table design regarding shape, size, and color can make any dining room space come to life. In fact, the dining table itself can set the tone for the entire room which practically dictates the mood of people while dining.

Table Shape

Round and rectangular-shaped tables are time-honored pieces that mostly fit dining room spaces. While round table shapes facilitate better dining conversations, rectangular-shaped ones accommodate more guests. Your choice of table form should be based on the number of people in the family. If you have extended family living with you, a rectangular-shaped table should be the better option.

Dining Style

If your dining style is leaning towards the traditional, it is best to complement the room with a stylish wooden dining table. Rich wooden finishes, dark-colored wood, and its beautiful texture are all classic features. When you choose one with carvings, your space is elevated to a whole new level. However, you may opt for country style dining room set with trestle tables and long benches for chairs. These favorites can turn and traditionally-designed room to one with a more casual approach.

Table Size

The ideal table size should fit well in your dining room without the guests feeling too close to each other. When picking the right size, keep in mind that the goal is for the table to ground the space. A small room with a modest dining table should give everyone enough leg room to walk around and eat comfortably. Find a table that leaves about three feet from all sides. If you need to get the size of the room to help you pick, then that would be helpful.

The overall guide to finding the right dining table rests on how you see it function for you. If you like throwing dinner parties to numerous guests, a large rectangular-shaped wooden table with sleeves should be an attractive choice. However, if you like having intimate dinner conversations and with a few family and friends, a round table should suit you.