• Dining Room Decorating Ideas For Every Home

    Posted on by Asif Ali Akbar

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    Your Dining Room is where most of your entertaining and family gathering always end up. Creating an elegant and inviting dining room all you need is a few decorative details.

    · Decorate The Walls

    Most dining room areas are painted with a neutral shade, one way to add character to your walls is to put up wallpaper or simply paint it in a striking colour that will compliment the rest of your home, yet add a punch of drama to your dining room. Adding a wall with striped paint treatment is also a great way to create texture and interest to your walls.

    Wall art is very important, add a large mirror to give the illusion of a larger space and or artwork to your walls to create that complete look.

    · Update The Dining Lighting

    Industrial lighting is a trending direction to a modern design in homes. A simple update to your dining room is to update the lighting fixtures. The latest trends are going towards bling and industrial, also mixing metals is on the new look for 2018.

    Placing lamps on buffets also give a layered lighting effect which creates ambiance.

    · Chair Update

     Tired of looking at those old chairs? Having your chairs reupholstered is an easy and inexpensive way to update your dining chairs. Slipcovers are also an easy solution to giving your upholstered chairs new look.

    · Table Decor

    Placing a beautiful arrangement of flowers, or candle holders in various heights adds charm to your table always layer your center display with beautiful pieces that you enjoy. Designer tip always pair in 3, 5, or 7.

    The beautifully decorated dining room space will encourage people to sit together, share a meal and have a good exchange of stories about life and love. Which of these design ideas would you like to design first?

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  • Minimalist Furniture In Style

    Posted on by Asif Ali Akbar

    Minimalist Furniture In Style

    Huge furniture, vintage rugs or accent walls – these trends come and go, but the choice of minimalist furniture is here to stay (for good). How does one who choose minimalist furniture sum up what it means to have these unique pieces in their home? The answer is pretty simple. Minimalist furniture is tasteful, and it transcends time, that’s why it is well-loved.

    Although minimalist by nature, these statement pieces embody a style that has the power to balance out the room with ease and refinement. Which one of these do you own? Look at the list and find out how your personal choice reflects the style of furniture that you have at home.

    Wooden Bed Frame

    The first on the list is your personal favorite. The wooden bed frame that you chose for the master’s bedroom is one of the classic furniture pieces that are made for keeps. It is something that you would want to keep for good. Its sturdy nature not to mention its natural color is truly tasteful.

    Small Study Table

    Whether you put this piece in the home office or your special nook in the bedroom, it will remain stylish and functional. The wooden table frame and the marble top is a perfect combination. The small drawers that it has on the sides could keep important bills and other documents that could help sort things out.

    Wooden Arm Chair

    Usually, this one comes with a coffee table for a partner. The wooden arm chair is the epitome of the laid-back lifestyle. This is a perfect accent piece to that nook in the guest room. It will mean extra space for the guest to do what they love to do – read a book, surf the web or simply relax.

    Wooden Buffet Cabinet

    It is rare to find such a beautiful piece of furniture that is all stylish yet functional. This piece of furniture can be part of the dining area or the living room. It is there, but it does not demand attention. Because it is wooden, you can use its cabinet for extra storage and its counter top for the buffet dishes for your guests.

    Which of these statement pieces do you already have? If you have one or two, then getting the others won’t be any problem. After all, knowing that the minimalist furniture pieces that you put in your home carry with its style and elegance make you want to keep more of them in your home.

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  • Shape Your Home: Interior Design Trends You Must Try

    Posted on by Asif Ali Akbar

     Interior Design Trends You Must Try

    It’s the second half of 2017 already, and you feel like your house needs a little bit of updating. Prepare your home for the rest of the year with shades of cheery colors, a mixture of patterns and simply happy motifs. Be prepared for a few unexpected interior design twists that will add flavor to your home.

    The color forecasters at Benjamin Moore have just revealed their pick for the 2017 color of the year: Shadow, which they describe as a "rich, deep amethyst."


    Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal. Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood." (—Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director)

    Pattern Over Pattern

    This trend was first seen at the New York Fashion Week. A runway fashion show is usually the catalyst for design trends for the home space and this pattern over pattern design is just like it. For every pattern lover in us, this pattern over pattern trend is indeed loved. With all the mix and match combinations that you can try, you can say goodbye to the boring old statement pieces. A colorful comforter can amplify the interior design of the master’s bedroom, allowing you to be more creative than you think.

    Interior design is not just about putting things together to make the space look homey. Rather, it is an opportunity for every home owner to explore the various design combinations they can use to make their living space truly their own.

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  • Furniture Care Tips: How To Keep Wooden Furniture Clean

    Posted on by Uliana Caskey

    If you own a wooden furniture or two, it is fairly easy to say that it needs careful attention. Water marks, food stains and even dust can blemish a fine piece of wooden furniture. How often should these pieces be cleaned? The answer is pretty simple. When you look at it, and you no longer like what you are seeing, even if it is a wooden piece, then it is time to clean it.

    Wooden pieces come with natural beauty making them very delicate pieces to clean. When the cleaning methods followed are not right, it could cause irreparable damage to the wooden finishes. The key to cleaning out favorite wooden pieces is always to choose the gentlest of cleansers. Although you may work up with a stronger solution when the need for it arises.

    Once the cleanser has been chosen, here are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning your wooden pieces:

    • Before using a gentle cleanser, it is best to test it first. Dampen a cotton swab and gently dip it in the detergent and water solution. Apply it on a small part of the furniture to check. If the finish does not react, then it is okay to use the solution to the other parts of the furniture until it is clean.
    • When the dirt or stain is not removed after applying a gentle cleanser, using a stronger one should be the best option. However, keep in mind to test the more powerful cleanser by cleaning the inner leg of the furniture. If ever it causes damage, it would be something that won’t be that visible.
    • Some people use mineral spirits as cleansers. Dampen a clean cloth with it and confidently move it around the furniture in a circular motion. This type of cleaning helps remove decades-old grime. However, if such treatment does not work, your wooden piece might need a professional cleaning to bring back its natural beauty.
    • After cleaning, don’t forget to apply wax to help keep the piece protected. Using a cheesecloth, apply the wax generously to provide another layer of protection to your wooden furniture. Make sure that the wax is applied evenly.

      If after all these ideas for cleaning your wooden furniture you still feel like it is not as clean as you want it to be, it is best to call for professional cleaning help. These trained individuals will be able to provide your wooden pieces with the right cleaning to fit its delicate nature.

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    • Guide To Dining Room Table Shopping

      Posted on by Uliana Caskey

      Dining table -- the centerpiece of every dining room space. Picking the right dining room table is a challenge in finding balance in form and function. Although it may seem like another surface where food is gathered, interesting choices in dining table design regarding shape, size, and color can make any dining room space come to life. In fact, the dining table itself can set the tone for the entire room which practically dictates the mood of people while dining.

      Table Shape

      Round and rectangular-shaped tables are time-honored pieces that mostly fit dining room spaces. While round table shapes facilitate better dining conversations, rectangular-shaped ones accommodate more guests. Your choice of table form should be based on the number of people in the family. If you have extended family living with you, a rectangular-shaped table should be the better option.

      Dining Style

      If your dining style is leaning towards the traditional, it is best to complement the room with a stylish wooden dining table. Rich wooden finishes, dark-colored wood, and its beautiful texture are all classic features. When you choose one with carvings, your space is elevated to a whole new level. However, you may opt for country style dining room set with trestle tables and long benches for chairs. These favorites can turn and traditionally-designed room to one with a more casual approach.

      Table Size

      The ideal table size should fit well in your dining room without the guests feeling too close to each other. When picking the right size, keep in mind that the goal is for the table to ground the space. A small room with a modest dining table should give everyone enough leg room to walk around and eat comfortably. Find a table that leaves about three feet from all sides. If you need to get the size of the room to help you pick, then that would be helpful.

      The overall guide to finding the right dining table rests on how you see it function for you. If you like throwing dinner parties to numerous guests, a large rectangular-shaped wooden table with sleeves should be an attractive choice. However, if you like having intimate dinner conversations and with a few family and friends, a round table should suit you.

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